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Something important to know about Ren is that he is one of the most care-free students you’ll ever meet. This doesn’t mean he won’t work hard, but rather that he will accept what he is given without complaint or challenge. That is apart from the occasional witty rebuttal, of course. He loves philosophical concepts, and acts as a teacher’s assistant for Philosophy 12. He is an actor through-and-through and loves the feeling of performing. Another way he gets to feel the adrenaline rush of performance is through presenting music, which happens on very rare occasions. Currently he can play ukulele and is beginning to learn guitar, as well the keyboard/ piano (but he owns many instruments, in which he should certainly learn eventually…). Ironically, Ren likes to choose classes that require strong opinions on essential issues, but he himself is quite indifferent. Something that Ren finds morbidly fascinating is the human mind and the actions of mankind on an individual basis. He often wonders what drives people, and where does this motivation come from? Lastly, (though it may not seem like he does,) he experiences a lot of general anxiety, so please be patient with him.

Ren Fournier, Staff Writer

Feb 20, 2019
The Dark Side of Rudolph Steiner, Founder of Waldorf Schools (Story)
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