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Rae Kennedy is a Grade 10 student at Kelowna Secondary School who lives in downtown Kelowna. During her eight years of residing on Bernard, Rae has had many interesting encounters with people, such as being offered drugs in elementary school, finding people in her driveway who told her that the attic of her house was haunted, and being hugged by a man who was murdered an hour later. Rae is not very superstitious but she does keep a small figurine of a cat from a store in Seattle, which had labeled the porcelain figure  “serenity cat”. Her life has indeed become more serene since the purchase of this $10 minuscule cat, but whether this is causation or correlation is still unknown. If the serenity turns out to be mere correlation and Rae’s life does become less serene, she hopes she can still accomplish her goals, which are to be happy and content. Thankfully, because Rae is only in grade ten, she has a lifetime ahead of her to achieve her dreams.

Rae Kennedy, Staff Writer

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