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Nyah is a witty, adventurous sports enthusiast. Born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, she enjoys taking long walks on the beach but would much rather be somewhere tropical and most likely getting sunburnt within her first few hours there. She has a calming aroma and feeling when she’s present, mostly because shes always tired or exhausted herself so she might need a pinch just to be sure she’s awake. Nyah has played nearly every sport she could get her hands on throughout her life, and enjoys learning new things about new or old sports that she’s introduced to. If playing truth or dare she is most likely going to pick truth as she is a very upfront person and is willing to say what needs to be heard. Nyah is someone who, if she finds something she is passionate about she pursues it and stands for what she believes. She is also very adventurous when it comes to Netflix, criticizing and admiring movies and shows and wanders through all sorts of genres, except horror, never horror.


Nyah Spencer, Staff Writer

Jan 06, 2019
Move to Improve in 9 Easy Steps (Story)
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