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If there’s someone you should have the pleasure of meeting throughout a slightly interesting lifetime, she’s a character by the name of Krista Shepard. Krista demonstrates evident qualities that express her gushing compassion, assuring brilliant confidence, and outstanding wonder.

Where Did It All Start?

Shepard grew up in a household cherishing morals, and good relationships throughout the family, friends, and anyone to come in contact with any of them. Having been raised in an inclusive and open environment, Shepard has been able to grow into the strong-minded woman she is today. She quotes her strong aura originated from “ability to grow” and “expressivity encouragement”. We have reason to believe that she was raised with little to no punishment, and laid back parenting styles. But how has her supportive growth situation brought up her habitual life?

Who Is She Now?

Shepard breaks boundaries daily, being a strong-minded woman, yet a non-feminist, a fashion junkie, yet a hater of common trends. Whatever it may be, Shepard contradicts standards on the daily. She spends most evenings at the dance studio; freestyling or choreographing, or wishing she was there. Shepard finds most joy in life through movement, enhancing her ability of expressivity verbally or physically. She hopes to one day share her artform with the public by having the honour of teaching her choreography through masterclasses, and workshops. She has very strong ambitions to pursue her passion throughout her life, by practicing for her own well-being, and to share her passion with the public.

Who Will She Be?

Although Shepard hopes to pursue some type of future in dance, she has aspiration to share another form of art from to the public; journalism. Even though she has much to learn on the subject, she knows her life will be but fulfilled if not expression through writing. Shepard quotes “Journalism would be the strongest suit for me, for I feel so strongly for current events, and my love for writing stretches so far.” regarding her perspective on her passion. She hopes to study journalism at either Ryerson University, or Carleton University out east.

We’d like to send our love and gratitude towards Shepard and her team for their time with us spent on the creation of the article, make sure to watch out for this girl!

Krista Shepard, Staff Writer

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