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Jo Hodgson is in grade 12 attending Kelowna Secondary School. She was born in Haiti, but has lived in Canada ever since she was nine months old. She lived in Alberta for fourteen years then moved to Kelowna when she turned fifteen. She has one brother, two half brothers, one step brother and one step sister. Her idol is Oprah Winfrey, and her mom, but mostly Oprah. Her favorite food is sushi. Her least favorite food is apples. Her favorite movie is A Star is Born, and her favorite tv show is The Office. The person she’d like to have lunch with the most is Sarah Silverman because she feels like they’d “vibe well together”.  One of her many fears is feet. Her biggest pet peeve is people touching her things without asking. Something quirky about her is that she hate traveling. In the future she hopes to be a clinical psychologist.

Jo Hodgson, Staff Writer

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