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Hey there, the names Jared, Jared Glen. I was born in Salmon Arm but raised in West Bank, which is now known as West Kelowna, (West Bank is a much better name.) If we were friends then you probably describe me as dark and a bit of a loner, but really that’s because I don’t open up to people unless I totally trust you, but in reality I’m a fun and hilarious person, but these days that doesn’t show, I try to keep to myself so I can find a place to focus. I am a rock climber, but not the harness kind, I boulder which is free climbing and I go out with my climbing buddies as much as I can. Bouldering makes me feel free, I feel accomplishment and that is what climbing is. When I’m not climbing I’m writing, I am especially strong in poetry. And when I’m not doing any of that I am playing video games. People are afraid of spiders, wolves, the boogie man, but not me, what I am afraid of most is my nightmares, and I know nightmares are just dreams, but I’m always afraid that they’ll come true. Now a question was, do you believe in ghosts?, and I do because why not?, I’ve never seen a ghost but I believe there is something out there like that. If my best friend was here he would tell you that everything makes me laugh and it’s a pretty obnoxious laugh as well, so unfortunately for all of you, I am in your school. I have a collection of pop heads, and no soul in this school will ever see it. If I had to be having lunch with anyone it would be my squad, because they’re my best friends. And that is me thats all you people need to know about Jared Glen.

Jared Glen, Staff Writer

Jan 06, 2019
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