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Hannah Marriott is an interesting individual to have a conversation with. She can be intense, and sometimes talks a mile a minute, but she always has some fascinating tidbit to share. Her topics of discussion range from irrelevant historical facts about the Lichtenstein army in the 1800s to ominously specific information on how to murder someone quickly, cleanly, and get away with it. This is all because she is an aspiring writer, someone whose head is full of fictional universes and interesting details that have no purpose in day to day life. In the fall of her graduating year, she is going to be attending Okanagan College, taking the program for a Diploma in Writing and Publishing to further her goal of becoming an author. Specifically an author who knows what she is doing. In her free time, she researches the most obscure topics almost obsessively, either online or sitting among the bookstacks in a library. If you look for her, there is a very good chance that you will find her with her nose in a book, or deep in conversation about Spiral Dynamics’ psychological theory of societal development with anyone who will listen. She is unafraid to admit if she has limited information on something, and will always pursue further knowledge if it becomes available. If you find anything intriguing that you want to share with someone, you can almost certainly find an avidly attentive audience in Hannah.

Hannah Marriott, Staff Writer

Dec 14, 2016
A call for submissions: ‘Papercuts’ Fine Arts Mag. (Story)
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