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Gigi Roberts was born in Dubai and spent most of her childhood there. She moved back to Kelowna after she was born and only stayed for 3 years and then moved back to Dubai. Before she had moved back, she had an accident. When she was just a baby, she had fallen from a chair and broke her head open and her mom rushed her to the hospital. She had a 50/50 chance of living but luckily her doctor was able to save her life. She now has a scar that goes across her scalp and if you part her hair a certain way you can see the visible scar. Gigi has an older brother named Jake who is 4 years older than her. He's now 21 and living in Edmonton. While Gigi is still living at home with her parents.

Gigi has a very optimistic perspective on life and always tries to be positive! She's a very shy and quiet girl but once you get to know her that all changes. Once you get to know her she's a very loving and bubbly person. She loves making her friends laugh and puts others happiness before hers. She's a very supportive and caring person and will always take the time to make you feel better when you’rer feeling down. She loves talking to people and meeting new people but she makes sure to keep her good friends close. She loves animals and has a pet cat named Flokie. She's also slightly obsessed with pugs but is too embarrassed to tell people. The only people that really know about it are her close friends, family and now the person that's reading this. Her favourite colour is pink and as a little kid, she used to always wear everything pink and wouldn't let her mom dress her unless it was pink. As a kid she also never let her mom brush her hair, so she looked like a troll. She no longer has an obsession with pink but it's still her favourite colour to this day.

Gigi plans on becoming a flight attendant after high school and working for Emirates airlines. She loves traveling and oddly enough loves going to airports and always had since she was very little. It makes her feel excited because she always knew she’d be travelling somewhere. She enjoys flying alone as well as with her family and friends. Her favourite part is when the plane takes off and gives her a rush of adrenaline.

Gigi Roberts, Staff Writer

Jan 06, 2019
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