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My name is Gabrielle Tremblay but I go by Gabie and I like to think that headphones are a socially acceptable “I’m ignoring you device”. *Insert smiley face emoji here* I am a 12th-grade student at KSS. I was born in Quebec and moved to BC with my family when I was 13. I love punk rock, heavy metal, basketball, horror movies, Assassin's Creed and pandas. You may find it hard to keep up with the number of times I change my hair colour. I collect band merch and oversized t-shirts from Value Village and I have a phobia of spiders. My greatest source of joy is helping others. I have travelled to Africa, Mexico, the Carribeans, Netherlands, all over the US and every province in Canada. The next places I would enjoy visiting are Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Australia. My main goal for my future is to do what I love and love what I do.

Gabrielle Tremblay, Staff Writer

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