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Hi, my name is Déjà Mackie. I was born up in the Northwest Territories despite not liking the cold, which is perfect, for when I moved to Kelowna in the eighth grade, I no longer had to wear twenty layers to be warm. It saves a lot of closet space too! I am in the final year of high school. (it's about time!) In my free time, I enjoy long walks along the beach and watching dazzling sunsets. I’m serious. I am a hopeless romantic. Very cliché. My name is French and yes to answer your question I do know French. In fact, I know three languages. English, French and the final one is strictly visual. If you have not heard of it yet, it is called American Sign language. I am very interested in learning new things which is why I took on the mission to learn ASL. I consider languages an art form. Art is my personal way to express how I am feeling.  Whether it be through painting, writing, dancing, I always feel better after channeling my creative self. Which is why I think journalism would be a perfect option for me to head towards in my future. Not only am I an art nerd, but I am also a nerd in general. I love watching movies, mystery, romantic, thriller. Anything, I'll most likely watch it. There is only one exception, horror movies and a huge no! I am super jumpy in general, so add jumpscares and creepy things, I'm out of there.

Déjà Mackie, Staff Writer

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