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Chloé is an eleventh grade french immersion student at KSS. She has a great appreciation for the arts and the outdoors. Her favorite artist is Frida Kahlo, she respects her art for its subversity and differentiation. She enjoys visiting museums and supporting local art but she find her fondness is at the Museum of Modern Art. Chloé finds great achievement in running. She often spends her days after school running in the woods or at the track. But she conspicuously loves the thrill of racing and crossing the finish line. Chloé enjoys the beauty of the wilderness. Notably hulking mountains and all the stunning glaciers. She loves visiting the mountains for both skiing and hiking. Chloé has big dreams of travelling the world and one days hopes to travel all across north America. Until then she remains in Kelowna spending her days outdoors and admiring all the great allure in the arts.  


Chloé Blackmeyer, Staff Writer

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