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Alex Lang: lover of old books, movies, live theatre, and plays. She may be short in stature, but big in personality. An aspiring musician that loves the diversity of music from all genres, but lives for all the classics and originals. Both writing and music are a large part of her life because they provide an outlet for her stress and overbearing emotions. She can be very timid and introverted; but once she opens up to you she won’t stop talking. A conspiracy theorist that probably just watches too many conspiracy documentaries. If she can question it, she will. She believes that there’s more to the story than what first meets the eye. You can definitely say she’s pushy and slightly annoying; however, she can also be very diplomatic if needed. She is always there as someone to confide in. Alex Lang is a good listener, compassionate, humorous, as well as a reliable student and friend.

Alex Lang, Staff Writer

Jan 06, 2019
Should students be able to rate their teachers? (Story)
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