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"And so what if my feathers are burning. I never asked for flight".

Abby Preece is a grade 10 student born in Yukon, near Alaska, and came to Kelowna three and a half years ago. She used to study at Dr. Knox. In the future she wants to go to a journalism or film making university and that is one of the reasons she took part in the journalism class. However, she always wanted the school to have more practical classes as how to pay your taxes. When she was younger her favorite tv show was "Pokémon" but nowadays she prefers "To Get Down", if you want you can also ask her about "Great Gatsby", "Birdman", drawing or even K-pop, but, please, do not do this while bitting your nails. Abby's bucket list goes from going to Japan to going to a big music festival. Her favorite memory is from a vacation, which explains why, if she could, she would live in Europe. She has a older brother, used to play volleyball and has one big dog, Sully, the German Shepherd.

Abby Preece, Writer

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