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2017-2018 Staff

Maddie Liao


Maddie is a grade 10 student that loves to create things. She has many creative passions including art, music, filmmaking, and acting. One of her big dreams is to one day make a short film. She was born...

Jaclyn Currie


Jaclyn Currie is a grade ten student with a love for silence. Although seemingly introverted, she has an outgoing personality with her friends. Funny enough, Jaclyn does not like a lot of things. Although,...

Jessica Beale


I first began my schooling at Raymer, continued onto KLO and am currently a first year at KSS which is why you may not have heard of me. My name’s Jessica, I’m originally from Langley but quickly moved...

Jovenica Hodgson


Lauren Harrison is a grade 11 student attending KSS. Her interests are writing, reading, listening, to music and watching television shows and movies. Her favorite television show being Doctor Who. Two...

Sophie Harms


Najae Brown is a grade 11 student at KSS who occasionally eats breakfast at Okanagan Collage. His favourite colour is blue and he enjoys playing soccer in his spare time. In the future, Najae's dream is...

Dylan Marshall

Writer, Political Analyst

The man, the myth, the living legend, Dylan Marshall; a writer way out of this world, his favorite colour is blue, but can sometimes be white, depending on his mood. Is he a rad dude with a bad 'tude?...

Gavynne Adame

Writer, World Traveler

Gavynne is a grade 10 student who has lived across the world from the Philippines to Dubai to Oman and finally to Canada. She mainly grew up here in Canada where she lived in Mississauga, Edmonton and...

Joel Pontalti

Writer, Outdoor Enthusiast

Joel Pontalti is a grade 11 student at KSS. He thoroughly enjoys watching and playing sports of all kinds. Also a sports stats genius and previous fantasy football winner, Joel knows sports. He enjoys...

Cassandra Kilback


Cassie is tenth grade student, a lover of all things creative & a music enthusiast, although she can’t possibly give you her favorite artist, since it changes nearly every week! Harking many of her...

Careen Fischer

Writer, teenage consultant

My name is Careen Fischer, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Rottweil in Germany. That's a small town of 25.000 inhabitans. I have a little half-sister, age 7, an older stepsister, age 20 and an older stepbrother,...

Greta Ahlmeyer


Born in Bochum, Germany, Greta Ahlmeyer decided to become an exchange student to Canada one year ago. Now that she's here in Canada she really enjoys this beautiful country. Her hobbies are skiing, listening...

Charlotte Hardy


You know those shirts that say “I would rather be at hogwarts”? Yeah I'm one of those people who would wear one. As a lover of books, the conversations we have will probably be me just quoting or making...

Myah Hoyseth


So here’s my story: I was born and raised in Kelowna, British Columbia, brought home from the hospital, and I slept in the nursery put together by my parents. Seventeen years later, I still sleep...

Anik Riedel


My name is Anik Riedel and I'm 18 years old. I'm from Germany, near Stuttgart. My hometown has 11.000 inhabitants. I have a twin sister and a older sister. At home I´m done with my school and I was really...

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