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The Lost Children is a blessing

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Often times, great bands release great albums, albums that aren’t made as available as they should be. The most recent album by Disturbed, The Lost Children, is not far from being a prime example.

For a record that came out November 8th, 2011, it was extremely hard for me to get a copy. I was finally capable of getting my hands on one this week, and I’m extremely impressed, as any diehard fan filled with anticipation should be. The album is merely a collection of rarities and B sides from throughout the band’s career. The timing was excellent, considering the band went on hiatus right after the album’s release, giving their heartbroken fans something new to hear for the time being. The most interesting thing about the album though, is how easy it is to tell which album each song was originally written for. Disturbed had developed musically each album, in astronomical ways. So much so that every song on The Lost Children is approached in a very unique way, it’s almost like hearing five different albums three different times. Unfortunately, this forces the listener to think, “Why weren’t these songs on the original albums?”

The answer is simple yet almost over-confident; the songs are just too good. If Disturbed had released these songs on the original albums, they would have easily stolen attention from all other tracks, causing each album to have a one-hit wonder effect.

As for the quality of the album, I would like to say it’s their best one yet. Every single member is giving it their all: incredibly powerful but melodic vocals; loud, in-your-face guitar tones, bone-cracking, chest-thrashing drumming, and the ever-prominent bass guitar, something Disturbed is well known for. If you enjoy Disturbed, and were late to the banquet like I was, you might want to pick up this record. Once the word of their hiatus was out, all hope seemed lost. The Lost Children feels like a sign, a blessing of sorts, and deserves to be treated as such.