Legal Bullying at KSS?

While boarding the bus one sees the usual things:  parents picking up their kids, seniors roaring out of the parking lot, kids yelling and hugging.

But for two consecutive Thursdays the bus loop scenery changed, due to the pro-life protestors. This group of protesters held up signs with slogans such as “Smile! Your mom chose life!” accompanied by disturbing images of aborted fetuses

Although the protesting is legal, and the KSS staff cannot ban the protestors from standing on the public street, something needs to be done. A surprising percentage of women under the age of 25 go through the process of having an abortion. About 34% of them are underage and still in high school. The education system of Canada is taught too take action against bullying, but what if the bullying that’s happened is legal?   How does one battle that?

The protestors are bullying KSS students. They are inflicting emotional trauma on many students. The City of Kelowna needs too take action against these inappropriate behaviors. It’s the schools job to make all students feel safe, welcomed and comfortable in their environment, but with the protestors on the local sidewalk, all of those things become non-existent.