The Debate Over Medical Marijuana Rages On

Two opinions on medical marijuana in BC….

The Debate Over Medical Marijuana Rages On

Emma Munro

In Journalism this past week we read through the Daily Courier newspaper in search of articles we found appealing. The one that caught my eye, was the “No growing your own”, which outlines how the government will be clamping down on who can actually run a legal grow-op for medicinal purposes.  It states that most medicinal grow-ops will be government owned and located in industrial areas, from where the product will be dispensed. This may end up applying to other regulated substances besides Marijuana.  As a result, at least one hundred business licenses will be terminated just in the general Kelowna area alone.

I believe that the government’s main role should be to decriminalize the use and growing of marijuana, not over-regulate it. If the government were to decriminalize Marijuana, it would be okay to smoke in public, it would be okay to sell, it would be exactly like a lemonade stand but with way better business. Not only would regular people save money from paying pointless fines and charges, but the government would save six billion dollars from having to pay for unnecessary prison space. They could spend more money on better education and better health care programs.

If the government feels the need to actually cut down on the drug use in Kelowna, maybe they should focus on heavier drugs like acid, cocaine, heroine, and other drugs that actually kill people regularly. No one in history has ever died from smoking marijuana.   For the underage society that smokes marijuana, decriminalizing it will keep the government from destroying their chances of going to college, future job opportunities, travel to the U.S. or in the future of being parent volunteers at their childrens’ schools (parents with marijuana-related charges will not pass the criminal check).

It’s time to rethink marijuana laws in the this province and across Canada.


Ilana Prokop 

Health Canada has just released details of a plan to replace the existing Medical marijuana system with a new one, which will apparently bring a $1.3 billion dollar industry to Canada. This new system will stop users from growing their own supply, and instead, require them to get it from government-sanctioned growers selling it at a base market price. The government claims this will help stop major growers from selling their pot to the general public.

There are 37,500 recognized  by Health Canada, and they are estimating that it could grow to over 450,000 people by 2024. They are assuming that because they are going to supply pot to people who need it for medical reasons, more people will stop using illegal methods to get their weed, like the black market, and also make a billion dollar industry, all while helping the economy.

The old method used small growers, which led to varying degrees in quality, and had to be sold and distributed trough the black-market most of the time. This was hard to keep track of in case the small growers became bigger organizations and began to sell their weed on a larger, more illegal scale. It also stops users who grow their own weed from selling it as a job, the only reason this happens is because of either deteriorating health conditions that leave them unable the find work or have a dependable income. Most people in these situations depend on the government for their monthly income, and with that number not being high, they look to find other ways of making money for themselves. With the government not putting a limit on how many of these growers there can be in Canada, there could be a problem in the future of a larger scale of growers to users, and soon it could lead to over selling to recreational users instead of just medical users.

With much controversy on if this drug has any benefits to your health besides reducing the amount of pain a person could be in, to relieving stress, and many other disputed claims. Some users claim that marijuana lowers your chance of certain types of cancer, improves your metabolism, even things like slowly helping control diabetes. These are the things that regular users try to push to help legalize the drug, even make it seem less like a drug and more like a health improvement. One study has been done that says that adolescents that smoke pot can have brain development issues, mainly because the brain is still in the process of developing and it can stunt or even have a permanent effect on the brain.

All I am trying to say is that because the drug is still illegal in most countries, studies are not common because the public eye may over analyze these studies and could push it towards legalizing it or criminalizing it further, and it is a touchy subject for many. People either agree with it, don’t agree or could care less about the whole subject of marijuana in Canada, and since we don’t have much scientific evidence towards weather its harmless or extremely dangerous, we just have to let the mind wander and lead to our own conclusions on the matter.