Team Represents KSS at P.E.I. Leadership Conference

On September 14th, five KSS students set out early in the morning on a much anticipated trip to Montague, Prince Edward Island to attend the Canadian Student Leadership Conference. During the conference, the tiny town’s population swelled by a thousand people.

The main event took place at the local high school, but KSS representatives also spent time in provincial capital Charlottetown. To get to the conference they drove through New Brunswick, with a pre-conference in Nova Scotia. They arrived back home on the 27th in the wee hours of the morning.

One lucky student described her experience as the best trip ever.  “It was unlike anything else that I’ve ever done,” she said. Each day’s events started at 6:30am and lasted all day, and most participants didn’t arrive back at their billet houses until 11:30 pm. During the day there were 45-minute mandatory workshops, along with personal workshops from which the students could choose.   Phil Boyte, General Rick Hillier, Martin LaTulippe, and Jessi Cruickshank were the keynote speakers.

The students toured P.E.I. and visited the Anne of Green Gables house as well, which was a personal highlight of the trip for many students. With the conference being at our very own KSS next year, they wanted to send grade 11’s so they could help lead the leadership team, who will help set up and prepare for this event. It was a great way to make new friends, and they came back with greater self-confidence. They stayed with billets which ranged from giant mansions owned by little old ladies who would shower the young leadership students with gifts every day, to tiny houses with four other people, sometimes who only spoke French.

The many workshops and activities offered valuabe lessons  in co-operation, communications, listening skills, and respecting others’ opinions.  and in the process, the KSS team made countless new friends with, some of the most fun-loving, free-spirited, energetic, friendly students one could meet, friendships that could last a lifetime.

Mr. Triggs, who helped to organize and chaperone the trip, described the experience as ”…a conference that kept true to its roots by staying true to the first leadership conference 30 years ago,” even keeping the same keynote speakers. Yet every year the message conveyed changes and perfectly matches the theme of the overall conference. Away from the conference they had the chance to explore the Maritimes and to see how different and diverse their culture is from ours in Kelowna. Triggs talked about eating lobster, visiting Peggy Cove, even goign fishing and having a bonfire on the beach.

After seeing  students come back with so much energy, Triggs looks forward to the team participating around the school, and to KSS hosting the same conference next year.   His goal is to make the conference the same great experience for the students and guests next year.