Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” Shows Artistic Growth and Personality


Drake’s new album, Nothing Was The Same, shows a side of Drake we have never seen before. As soon as you hear the albums opening track, Tuscan Leather, you can tell this album is not normal, with its changing of beats and 20 second chorus’ without lyrics. Nothing Was The Same contains both R&B and rap, which has made me wonder how the album maintains its continuity and flow, but the combination is amazing. Drake’s massive hits like “Started From The Bottom” and “Hold On We’re Going Home” weren’t standouts as the album was great as a whole. Solid songs throughout.

Drake gets emotional in this album. He talks about how he feels women should be treated ( “Hold On We’re Going Home”), family issues (“Too Much”) and a bad relationship that he couldn’t leave (“Connect”). Drake’s honesty throughout the album is surprising but it’s this honesty that makes the album much better. The album cover portrays a young Drake on one side and an older Drake on the Deluxe Edition. Placed on a shelf they end up looking at each other. Compared to other rap albums this year, Drake’s should be mentioned among the best. Drake may not have started from the bottom, but he’s definitely reached the top of his game.