Say Yes to Newks!


The Newks are a Kelowna band consisting of four guys–who happen to be KSS graduates (class of 2012)–playing some cool originals and covers of classic and pop rock. Whether you want to dance, sing along, or just sit and listen, The Newks have got fantastic music for it all. Not only is their music phenomenal, they have great stage presence, and that’s no exaggeration – from the dance moves to the hair, you’ve gotta love them. If you like what you hear so far, here’s an interview with the one-and-only Austin Axenty, lead singer of The Newks:

Censor This!:  Why you start the band and who’s idea was it?”

Austin:  “Well Jordan Garcha (drummer) and Charlie Tucker (lead guitarist) were friends long before me and Jordan, so the music began there with the 2 of them just jamming together. Further down the road when I met Jordan and began our friendship, he would always talk about this kid Charlie and his talent with a guitar and how they would jam all the time. So one day, Jordan brought me to Charlie’s and I just kinda listened to them jam for a bit and I really liked the vibes of making music so I started to sing random words to whatever they were playing and then went from there. We formed the band officially along with Doug Canning (bassist) to play at a talent show at KSS and we were called Studio 43. We really sucked and embarrassed ourselves so we dropped the name and focused on writing material in Charlie’s basement and eventually started playing in front of people more.”

Censor This!:  “And all that work’s definitely paid off! So where’d the name ‘The Newks’ come from?”

Axenty:  “On a roof somewhere in Glenmore.”

Censor This!:  “Simple as that, why not. What’d you say is your favorite part about being in a band?”

Axenty:  “I love to perform, so playing gigs is a lot of fun. Also the processes and collective ideas we put in making the music is a huge part for me.”

Censor This!:  “I can for sure relate to that. It’s amazing the things that people come up with musically. Alright.  Do you think you’ll ever quit ‘The Newks’ to be in another band?”

Axenty:  “No chance.”

Censor This!:  “Thought that’d be your answer. So since you’re still going to be making great music in 5 years, where do you see yourselves/ want to be in the next 5 years?”

Axenty:  “In 5 years time, hopefully being able to do some sort of tour across Canada or along those lines. Whether it be in stadiums or bars I don’t care, both work for me.”

Censor This!:  “That’s awesome. Speaking of playing shows, any coming up?”

Axenty:  “NOVEMBER 7TH Kelowna Community Theater. Be there.”

Censor This!:  “I’ll be there! If you want to see a show, and maybe you won’t be in town for this one, go like their facebook page @The Newks to keep updated on shows, releases, and other events!”