The Only Longsleeve You’ll Ever Need: The Best Ways To Style A Classic Black Turtleneck


Classic. Simple. Elegant. Effortless. Chic. The list goes on. A black turtleneck isn’t just a shirt; it’s the staple everyone needs in their wardrobe; it’s the marking of a stress-free morning and the making of a perfect outfit. Whether you’re prepping for the office, meeting a friend for brunch or heading for a walk with your dog, a black turtleneck will look after all of your cool-days outfits. 

While turtlenecks can be worn just tucked into a pair of jeans,  these are my picks for the best ways to wear turtlenecks- and five outfits to build with only one top. 


Turtleneck + Mini Skirt

My personal favourite way to style turtlenecks, tucking them into a mini skirt creates a perfect silhouette. Since the skirt is shorter and turtlenecks have a high neckline, this outfit is in instant equilibrium. Whether your skirt is fitted or flared, your turtleneck fitted or oversized, try pairing it with combat boots or even sneakers for a cute and preppy look. 


Turtleneck + Tank Top

While flouncy summer tanks are great for warmer weather, layering them over a solid turtleneck makes them perfect for cooler temperatures. By either pulling a colour from your summer top or layering over something solid that’ll pop, this not only gives you access to your favourite camisoles year-round but gives you a whole new effervescent outfit. 


Turtleneck + Jeans + Blazer

For something a little more elevated and business casual, tuck a turtleneck into your favourite jeans and throw a blazer over top. This classic New York–style look is perfect for spicing up a plain top with a fun blazer. Plus, if you need to change venues, taking off the blazer makes this outfit ready for a casual night out. 


Turtleneck + Sweater

When it’s absolutely freezing, sometimes even a thick sweater just doesn’t cut it. Simply throwing on a turtleneck underneath adds a layer of warmth and a sneak peek of a new neckline. Particularly with crew necks, this simple technique can make you seem like an aficionado of layering. 


Turtleneck + Overalls

Even though some absolutely hate overalls and don’t want to look like Farmer John, they’re one of my favourite pieces to style. Either mixing a fun turtleneck pattern with a classic pair of denim overalls or using a bright pop colour for the denim with a plain black shirt can make an instant out-of-the-box outfit. My special twist- using jumpers or overall skirts for a super cute spin. 


Even though this essential top can pull any outfit together, these are failsafe outfits for the coolest of days to feel and look your best self- without giving up comfort.