Removing Red’s Reputation

Redheads all around feel the weight of their undeserving reputation to such an extent that many resent or deny their hair colour.

Removing Reds Reputation


Power. Anger. Lust. Love. Fire. The five most commonly associated words with the colour red, all of which obviously display signs of strength and boldness. So why do so many redheads have the exact opposite reputation?


Whether you’re a ginger, a redhead or even a strawberry blonde, most reds can agree that they’ve been typed for their hair colour throughout their lives. You were probably known as the “redhead kid” before anyone learned anything else about you. At one point, it was just a defining trait until it turned into something more. 


From a certain perspective, girls seem to have it better than guys. Women with red hair are considered fiery, spicy, and passionate, all things that stereotypically appeal to men. They’d be painted as those with attitudes you wouldn’t want to cross but would like to take out. And to their credit, a lot of gingers do fit those stereotypes. Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale) is known for her bad-ass attitude; Donna Paulsen stole Suits with her spice and wit, while Victoria was the sexified villain of the Twilight series. Regarding reputations, desirable isn’t the worst word to be associated with; but how can guys be on the exact opposite end of the scale?


Not sexy, fiery, or dynamic in any way, men with red hair got the labels of weak, clownish, and soft. Redheads are portrayed as goofy pushovers that don’t usually attract others. Band kid, class clown, loner: some standard labels for guys with red hair. Once again, these stereotypes are supported by much of what we see in the media. Ed Sheeran is one of the most famous artists in the world, and he’s still associated with being the “nice guy.” The Potterverse’s very own Ron Weasley was portrayed as the main character’s best friend, with very few defining traits of his own. Even Archie, who had his own comic series, was still depicted as goofy and unaware. 


Most ginger’s reputations are further “weakened” by their fair skin and need to wear sunscreen when out in the elements. But when did taking care of your skin become associated with fragility?


In any scheme of things, (the stigma around) hair colour should never be something that makes individuals feel suppressed, typed, or confined to a specific box. Being a redhead is something that you can’t control and shouldn’t be able to control you. 


In honour of today’s National Hair Day on October 1, let’s celebrate ginger’s luscious locks, appreciate their copper undertones, and relish the beauty of all redheads.