Fierce Female Fashion: The Best Dressed Women in 2000s TV

Fierce Female Fashion: The Best Dressed Women in 2000s TV

No matter the year, the era or the trends, you can always be found looking to your favourite celebrities for the best clothing inspiration. Whether it’s the latest edition of Vogue or a new seasonal clothing launch, there’s always a celebrity rocking their own red carpet. As someone who constantly finds themselves gawking over the beautiful ensembles of those on screen, here are my picks for the best-dressed women on TV. 


#8: Olivia Pope (Scandal)
This sharp-minded crisis manager has a wardrobe just as stunning as her political moves. Her chic business attire is always at its peak, and fans have been looking to this icon for fashion trends since season 1. Usually decked in neutrals, Olivia pulls off asymmetrical cuts and patterns balanced with formality while sporting gorgeous handbags that have everyone dying of envy.


#7: Alexis Rose (Schitt’s Creek)
Not only is Alexis beating everyone in her small town at the fashion game, but she also astonishes the world with her hippy meets mean girl looks. This queen of accessories somehow takes slouchy knee-high boots, fedoras, and statement necklaces and pairs them with a mini dress to create an outfit that only a Rose could get away with. 



#6: Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale) 
One of the most iconic characters in the series, Cheryl is always rocking her signature red looks. Usually sporting a combination of mini skirts, leather jackets and knee-high boots, this fierce, fiery teen is always well put together. Cheryl’s chaotic personality shines through in her bold red lips, leather attire, and revealing outfits that display her exceptional physique. 


#5: Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars)
Between solving mysteries and balancing boyfriends, it’s surprising that Aria has the time to refill her smart and edgy wardrobe of moto jackets. However, this stylish teen is always en pointe with her closet no matter what she’s doing. Often incorporating dark reds and spunky accessories, Aria has the wardrobe every college student wishes they had- the delicate balance of next-level casualness.


#4: Rachel Berry (Glee)
While I know that Rachel’s style in the first few seasons of the show was abysmal, I can state with absolute confidence that her New York sense of style was gorgeous. Though she did bring her love of stockings, Rachel swapped out school-girl skirts for designer shorts and exchanged reindeer sweaters for blazers. Adopting the city’s classic black and white theme, this young wanna-be Broadway star embodied fashion-forwardness. 


#3: Petra Solano (Jane the Virgin)
In season 1, episode 1, when Petra walked into the scene in a killer outfit and showed off her ruthless personality, fans knew she would be a formidable woman. And throughout the show’s entirety, that high standard of fashion was kept up. Not many people can pull off shorts in a formal setting, but Petra owns this look with cropped shirts and beautiful long legs. No matter how unlikeable her character would be, I always had to take a moment to appreciate her exquisite Miami style. 


#2: Jessica Pearson (Suits)
Despite what most dictionaries will tell you, Jessica Pearson is the definition of put-together. In every single scene of Suits, this woman shows off the impeccability of designer suits and composure. Even though she usually sticks to neutrals and minimal accessories, Jessica’s outfits are always at the highest standard. As the head of an acclaimed law firm, Jessica certainly has the budget to shop for all the designer clothes that she rocks- a liberty we all wish we had. 


#1: Rachel Green (Friends) 
Okay, even though Friends technically started in the 90s, Rachel Green is too much of a fashion icon to miss. Whether she was mixing up orders at central perk or flirting with her secretaries at Ralph Lauren, this style idol was always the best-dressed person in the room. Cute jumpers and tennis shows, button-downs and mini skirts, or long trains and heels, Rachel could pull off pretty much anything. Even running around her apartment at 6 in the morning, her pyjamas looked more put-together than most people’s daytime outfits. There’s a reason that “The Rachel” was the most popular haircut for years and that Jennifer Aniston is one of the most popular actresses of this time- this fashionista’s ensembles are simply unbeatable. 


With the thousands of TV shows at the tips of our fingers and so many strong female leads, this list was exceedingly challenging to narrow down. What’s your take?