The Purrfect Solution to Any and All of Your Ailments

Credit to TLC Pet Hospital

Credit to TLC Pet Hospital

Since the beginning of humanity, we have been trying to avoid disease, injury, and other ailments that may negatively affect our health. In the modern-day twenty-first century, we take precautions to prevent accidents. We have a plethora of medications and solutions for most conditions and harms. If we have back pain, we take a Tylenol; if we twist our ankle, we put ice on it; if we’re completely drained and have no energy, we take a nap. Most common symptoms have simple solutions that are well within our reach. 

But for thousands of years, we have had a remarkable solution that could fix any injury or disease living right under our noses. 

Cats. The furry friend, the feline companion, the superior pet choice- the solution to all of your problems. 

It’s common knowledge that cats purr when happy, but they also purr when hurt. In fact, cat’s purrs make them feel better and help them to recover faster, which can be passed on to humans. 

Specific frequencies like the cat’s 60Hz purr can heal broken bones more quickly, repair joint and tendon tears, and even help wounds become less infected. In addition, studies have shown that having a cat around you can make you less likely to die of a heart attack and may even facilitate your breathing if you have respiratory problems. 

So if you have depression or anxiety, fire your therapist and talk to your cat instead. If your lungs are filled with mucus, throw out your oscillation vest and get your cat to sit on your chest. If you have a pulled muscle that just won’t heal, stop going to physio and start taking naps with your cat.

The solution has been with us all along- take advantage of it now!