KSS Journalism on the Up-and-Up

From Renee Berger:

I have been in the journalism program ever since I was a grade 10 student. It was only 2 years ago but the amount of work I have put into the school paper makes it feel like so much more. Back then it was Mr. Manderioli teaching the course, which meant tons of jokes and chocolate, and of course pizza parties. Somehow through all the goofing around we managed to meet our deadlines and produce ever improving newspapers each month. Even though I helped build them, it was always exciting to look through the papers that we created. But last year Manderioli (M-dawg) retired and Mr. Derksen took his place. I’m glad it is Mr. Derksen who is taking over the journalism program; I think there is no one better for the job.

With a new teacher comes a new paper. This year we are switching to an online format. It’ll be weird not staying at the school till 7 once a month trying to get all the pages built. No more InDesign, no more stressful deadlines, no more ink stains on our hands from distributing the papers. Despite all the differences, I think the switch will be more advantageous. It allows us to be more current, make changes, use multimedia and of course it’s cheaper (more money for pizza parties?). I also can’t help to notice that the class this year is perhaps the best I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. There is so much diversity and uniqueness among us. Everyone is so hard working and filled with great ideas. The thing I love about journalism is that your team members become a sort of family. I look forward to what will be a great year with my team and perhaps what will be the best version of Censor This! yet.

From Callum Barbour:

My grade 11 year was my first year enrolled in the Journalism Program. Coming into the class in Grade 11 was ground breaking for me. I had always loved writing, but this class pushed the realization that it was something I could see myself doing for many years to come.

Mr. Manderioli was a monumental figure in the program. He allowed students to write on what struck home with them, we wrote about what impassioned us, and whether he agreed with you or not, your story would be in the paper every month.  We were rarely censored in our writing, he loved reading every piece and offered everything he possibly could to further better our writing. As a role model and a driving force, he kept the paper coming out every month and for all that, I’m extremely grateful.

Now, with Mr. Derksen at the helm, students will be even more involved in the program and websites maintenance. Mr. Derksen’s experiences in writing, multimedia and teaching will only better every single pupils learning.