Month Of Love



The Global Awareness Club is challenging you to go without something you want for a month so that I-SEE Solutions can give people what they need.


What is the Month of Love?

A challenge that asks you to give up something you want for the month of February, for example, your weekly Starbucks drink, and use the money you would spend on the item to support I-SEE solutions. 


What is I-SEE Solutions?

I SEE solutions is a Kelowna-based charity that aims to promote Sustainability, Education and Empowerment in Uganda. Our Month of  Love challenge will be donating funding specifically for the purchase of water purifiers. 


How do I participate?

  • Decide what ‘want’ you are willing to give up. 

Ask yourself, ”What spending habit do I have that I can break for one month?” 

  • Calculate how much you spend on that ‘want’ in a month

For example, if you buy a $5.45 Starbucks drink twice a week, that is $43.60 over the entire month

  • Bring that amount, or a different donation of your choice, to room 209 (Ms. Hazel’s room) anytime throughout the month of February


To donate electronically, visit this link and scroll to the “Donate Now!” section.

For more information, direct message @kss_globalawareness on Instagram or email [email protected]  and thank you all in advance for your support!