Treasure Island Washes Night Owl Theatre Back To The Stage

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The spirit of the sea washed over the Night Owl Theatre this past week as they performed Treasure Island, a coming of age story with a pabalable spirit of adventure.


Treasure Island follows Jim Hawkins, a young man living at his parents inn, when the infamous Captain Bones is assistantd by a band of rival pirates in front of his eyes. When he finds a mysterious map in Bones’ chest, Hawkins is launched into an seafaring adventure full of treacherous crew mates, swashbuckling pirates and of course, treasure. 


The story is told with the help of an onstage narrator, who moves the plot along by serving as the future voice of Jim Hawkins, reflecting on his past as an older and wiser man. This narrator gives us an insight into Hawkins’ decision making, which may seem nonsensical at times without the inner monologue. 


All the performances were incredible, even the minor characters felt like essential forces in the story. A personal favorite moment that I feel exemplifies the Night Owl Theatre’s incredible dedication to their craft is during a sword fight in act two. As Hunter (Cameron Simon) and Israel Hands (Marceline Smith) got into a fierce battle Hunter’s sword snapped and Simon played it comically, saying “you hit me so hard my sword broke!” 


Stage manager Holly Layman and Director Doyran Elliot did an incredible job blocking the show, 

especially considering the alleyway stage meant that the actors needed to be observed from all angles. Their masterful use of levels, sight lines and props made sure that every seat in the house could see the amazing work going on on the stage. 


While not being a full on musical, this play uses a number of musical elements expertly to further the audience’s immersion in the world. The violin breaks in between scenes allowed for the transition of sets, without taking the audience out of the world and the shanties within the show sounded incredible. Adding a few dance numbers must have been no easy feat for the cast, but they do a fantastic job with the content and it really adds to the atmosphere of the show. 


Spectators and performers alike were blown away by the production, with grade 12 student Abby Gubbels remarking that “As someone who has rarely been involved in watching theatre productions, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. I did not know what to expect going in, but left thoroughly impressed by the production value and quality of acting!”


Treasure Island was a triumphant return to the stage for the Night Owl Theatre, and I can’t wait to see what comes next for this talented cast and crew.