News updates

KSS has New Administrator:  With a brand new school year come new things at KSS. One newcomer to the school is Mr. Steve Labrie, our new vice principal, who has come all the way across the street from KLO. Just be careful when asking for directions for he might be as lost as you, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t willing to help you find your way around.

Breakfast!:  Another bonus to the new year is that the Owl Nest cafeteria now serves breakfast in the morning for students and staff. They have smoothies, granola bars, fruits, and much more. They still will continue to serve lunch–with great new featured items such as spaghetti–as well, so bring enough money for both!

Back to School Week:  Next week is Back to School Week, so be prepared for some fun events happening around the school from the September 25 – 27!