KSS Club Seeks Help With Holiday Fundraiser To Support Seniors


The Kelowna Senior Secondary global awareness club has set up a card drive for the elderly at Highlands Retirement Residence.

Due to the pandemic, many seniors in retirement homes cannot see their loved ones for the holidays. Especially during the holiday season, family is most important. Whether it’s opening Christmas presents early in the morning or lighting the Menorah, this time of year isn’t the same without family. 

KSS student Isabella Harmel stated that, “I think we took the fact that we can spend the holiday season surrounded by our friends and family for granted. While this year, the vaccine will allow many of us to return to gatherings once again, many seniors are unable to do so. Receiving a heartfelt card with a personal message can make all the difference to them.” 

This is why the KSS global awareness club is running a card drive, where students can submit handmade holiday cards to be given to seniors in time for Christmas. 

Gifting heartfelt holiday cards to those who cannot see their loved ones can give seniors a small piece of comfort and affection, something to cherish for years to come.

Go to KSS room 209 or digitally submit your card here to support senior citizens this holiday season.