Who is in Control: You or Your Social Media?


Do you ever notice how fast time goes by when you are on social media? Lifestyles, athletics, music reviews, makeup tutorials, aesthetics and so much more. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tik Tok, Vsco and so many other platforms. It’s entertainment for all. Hours scrolling, oh so many hours. Come to think of it, those two hours you spent on Tik Tok could have gone to spending time with a friend or two. The three hours you took to check Instagram over and over again could have gone to studying for that upcoming exam you have. 


FOMO is such a funny thing is it not? The fear of missing out, exactly what are we missing out on? Well, the majority of the time you don’t miss anything. All you’re missing is comparing your life to a perfectly photoshopped picture or profile. It’s becoming rarer and rarer that when people go onto social media platforms, they feel good about themselves once they leave.


 For every photoshopped post, story, snap and reel of a happy family and a happy life and a perfect body, there is another teenager with an eating disorder, getting unwanted DMs from creepy men or reading hurtful comments. Social media is intended to be positive. However, there are so many undeniable and unavoidable problems that come with it.


 From false information to causing riots and panics, the good side of social media is slowly dissipating. We spend so much time taking in this trash and trying to filter it and make sense of it. When we should just be trying to enjoy life. We are on our phones so much we don’t see all these beautiful things going on around us. It’s like we have forgotten how to live outside of the tiny screen we keep in our back pockets.  


Now don’t get me wrong, social media can have a good side. We can get good ideas or even reach out for help on certain things through it. We have all this incredible information at our fingertips. We can learn so much and meet so many new people. Small businesses can promote themselves, awareness can be raised about mental illnesses and problems in communities and societies. There are so many amazing things that social media can do for us, it all depends on how we use that channel of communication and how much power we give to it. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Rather than give so much attention to the online world. Try out the natural world, in so many ways it is beautiful.