Meet Your Grad President Candidates!


Unsure who to elect for your grad president?Read this a quick summary of every candidate and their goals to help educate you make an informed decision at the polls on October 13th!

Holly and Gracie (@holly_gracie_gradkss_2022)

Gracie and Holly are well rounded students that are passionate about KSS. Their mission is to create an inclusive, environmentally friendly, in person grad year. They would ensure all grads have access to events regardless of location, financial situation, or ability. All grad events would be as sustainable as possible, so you don’t have to worry about that part of your future. They would also make sure that grad events happen and are in person, whatever that looks like while following COVID guidelines. Holly and Gracie will make grad year great, for everyone.

Ryan and Chloe (@ryanchloe2022)

Ryan and Chloe continue to bring positive change to KSS thanks to their creation of Spirit Events, Monday Morning Zoom Sessions, Airband, and many other activities. Grad’s number one worry this year is whether Covid will spoil our party. We’ve got you covered, and have already started working on solutions to ensure we have the type of Grad events that we all deserve. This isn’t Ryan and Chloe’s first rodeo.

Tia and Max (@max.tia2022)

Max and Tia are excited to be running for grad presidents. They both play rugby and are proud to be students at KSS. During their grad year, they would love to be given the opportunity to plan and attend as many grad events as they can. Making this year as inclusive and friendly as possible is one of their main goals. They would also like to keep the school green, with hopes to reduce waste within the school as well as make a smooth transition for everyone into post secondary. They are both optimistic and sociable people who love KSS, go owls!!


With the fluctuating COVID restrictions, this year more than ever, KSS will need strong leaders to ensure we have the best grad year possible. Get out and take control of your grad year!



Voting: October 13th in your morning (7/8) class