The Most Pandemic Friendly Houseplants


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of people have adopted new hobbies or even animals or plants to keep themselves busy. While pets can be high maintenance and expensive, plants can be a fun, mental health friendly way to spice up your pandemic life. Some houseplants are easier to take care of than others, here is a breakdown of six of the most pandemic friendly, low maintenance houseplants to invest in.

Chinese Evergreen

Unlike many other plants, Chinese Evergreens do not require a specific and high maintenance environment or care routine. One site even described it as “one of the most durable houseplants you can grow” (Gardening Know How) since it can not only survive but thrive with little sunlight and inconsistent watering. This plant does best with medium to low light or with indirect sunlight, meaning it can live almost anywhere in your home. 

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

While ZZ plants look beautiful with their stunning deep green leaves, they also tolerate neglect and little sunlight making them the perfect carefree plant. These plants also act as an air purifier for your home. Unfortunately, the one downside of these plants is that they are in fact considered to be toxic. As a result of this, ZZ plants are not ideal for pet owners or people with young children who may try to bite the plant. If this is not you then these plants are perfectly safe, just wash your hands after handling to avoid any irritation (Gardenista). 

Moth Orchid

These orchids tend to be very rewarding plants, needing little attention but still providing beautiful blossoming flowers for potentially months. While they do require some light, they do not do well in direct sunlight. They do best with constant airflow which should be easily accomplished inside a home. Since these plants generally grow alongside a host plant, when potting them indoors it’s important to mix the soil with bark chips. There is of course always the option to buy a soil mixture specifically made for orchids to save yourself the hassle as well (The Spruce). As far as watering goes, you should water your orchid once a week in the morning during growing season and once every other week during flowering season. 


Philodendrons are a beautiful addition to any indoor plant collection, the elegant, leafy green plant is easy to care for and looks very trendy. This plant is relatively smart in the sense that if you learn and watch for it’s signals, it will actually hint to you what it needs. These plants also will learn to adapt to your home instead of the other way around. Philodendrons thrive indoors year round however they also do enjoy a shady trip outdoors when it’s nice outside. 

These plants love bright but indirect sunlight, if too many leaves are turning yellow this is a sign your plant is receiving too much natural light. When watering, wait for the top two inches of soil to be dry in between waterings (Gardening Know How). If the leaves start to look droopy, this is a sign of too much or not enough water. 


Succulents are my personal favourite, easy to take care of and look undeniably adorable. As West Coast Gardens so perfectly described them, “succulents are the darling of the gardening world”. There are a wide variety of types, all with unique looks and colours. Succulents display their best colours when exposed to direct sunlight for hours on end. However, succulents can still survive in the shade, they just won’t be nearly as beautiful. These plants require very sparse watering times, making them very low maintenance. Make sure your succulents are planted in a good mixture of soil for their needs, free draining soil is necessary for these plants to ensure they can dry out properly before the next watering. 

Ponytail Palm

The ponytail palm can survive harsh winters as well as hot summers, it can withstand dry air and soil making it easy to care for and worry free. This plant is certainly trendy and can spice up any room with it’s palm tree-like leaves that shoot up and out, living up to its name. Since it’s trunk is relatively thick, it can store large quantities of water allowing it to live through dry spurts, or when you just forget to water it for a while. This plant is super resilient as well as a very fresh and funky way to improve the style of your home with no worries attached. 

While the pandemic has been harsh and cruel to most if not all of us, a little change can be good for all of us. Any of these adorable houseplants can be the perfect change to get you out of the pandemic rut. Taking care of another living thing gives everyone a sense of purpose some may be lacking right now, these plants provide that while also being low maintenance.