Inter win Serie-A and are crowned champions of Italy after 10 years


It was undoubtedly a long wait for all Inter fans who live in Milano, Italy, or anywhere in the world, to see their team crowned champions of Italy once more. Now that it’s happened we can surely admit it was worth the wait. 


Ten long years separated the 2010-11 Scudetto win under the legendary manager Jose Mourinho. That also marked the end of a historic Inter team, winner of the Treble in 2010, and as all cycles do it came to an end, making room for other teams to take over. 


Apart from AC Milan’s win in 2011-12, it was Juventus who dominated the decade winning nine consecutive competitions in a row. Ending their cycle would be extremely hard, which is why Inter may have chosen to sign the very man who started it, manager Antonio Conte. 


Conte is a leader and a famous coach in the world of soccer. He’s a winner and has a strong personality, and under his coaching Inter reached a new level which they had been far off for ten long years. 


However dominant the 2020-21 squad was, it wasn’t an easy ride for Inter to take the Scudetto home, and in the end it was their consistency in results that got them over the line. Up until the winter break in fact, Inter was trailing AC Milan by a decent margin and couldn’t seem to stick the overtake on the city rivals until the beginning of the second half of the season. 


The turning point of the season might very well have been the 2-1 win over AC Milan in the Coppa Italia quarter finals. Despite not being a Seria A game, this game was very important to both teams because it would give a massive morale and confidence boost to the winner which they could take into the weekend for their respective Serie A matches. 


A late Eriksen freekick sealed the win for Inter, and as the whole team crowded the Danish midfielder, joy sparked the hearts of Inter fans who started to believe that winning the Scudetto was really possible. 


From that moment on Inter took their performance to a new level and were especially consistent defensively. If attack wins you games, defence wins you trophies, and Conte’s chosen back line of Skriniar, De Vrij, and Bastoni deserves a lot of praise for their effort throughout the season, which saw Inter get scored on a total of 29 times, the least out of any team in the competition. 


With a solid defence, Inter were able to thrive on the attack with quick counters or by passing the press, which led them to a 74 goals season so far, second only to Atalanta. 


Inter won 25 games, tied 7, and only lost 2, one the derby against Milan in the first half of the season, and second a match away against Sampdoria, perhaps a lack of concentration. 


Much praise must also be given to coach Conte. He took a decent team and made them into a Scudetto winning team. His choices in the transfer market, (Lukaku, Martinez, Barella, Hakimi, Eriksen) and his leadership abilities are what created such a strong team. 

The most livid example of Conte’s quality coaching can be seen through the rise of Christian Eriksen. The Danish had a really hard time finding his feet once he got to Italy in the summer and because of this he was often spared to sit on the bench on the weekend. In January, he looked set to leave Inter and it all seemed to be going wrong for Eriksen, that is until Conte snapped him out of it and finally gave him the chance to prove himself. 


The goal against Milan in Coppa Italia  sealed the fact that Eriksen would be here to stay, and as fate would have it, he was the man who scored the winner against Crotone, the game in which Inter got their hands on the Scudetto. It was all too poetic. 


As soon as the news broke out, (Atalanta tied the day after), fans started pouring into the streets of Milan and a crowd of 30 000 Tifosi was in Piazza Duomo, celebrating a well deserved Scudetto. 


Despite the criticism they received for their defensive playing style, being knocked out of the Champions League in the group stage, having financial problems, and the huge amount of pressure on them, the team was able to rise above it all. 


Many were the leading figures of this Scudetto, ranging for Lukaku’s and Martinez’s goals, to Barella’s endless running, Hakimi’s elegant assists, Erisken’s control of the midfield and the back three’s wall-like defending. If this season was a group project, everyone would have done their work perfectly.