International Spectators Barred From Tokyo Olympics


Sports fans disappointed, but not surprised by the Olympics committee announcement. The Tokyo Olympics committee has officially announced that international spectators will not be permitted to attend this year’s postponed ceremonies, set to begin on June 23rd 2021.  


However, the decision has massive monetary consequences for the Japanese government, reducing the revenue for the most expensive olympic games on record by $800 million dollars. Despite that, this is a popular decision. 


The Japanese government has reported only 8,800 deaths related to COVID-19 and 80% of the japanese public support the Olympic committee’s decision to block foreigners from the games to prevent outbreaks. The same figure of the Japanese population opposes the games all together, due to concerns about COVID-19 and the expense around hosting the games with the increased safety measures. 


The whole world will watch with anticipation as the most interesting Olympics yet begins this summer.