Pandemic Self Care Guide


Obviously this pandemic has not been easy for anyone, it is shaking many families and individuals to the core. While a lot of activities and regular daily on-goings have come to an indefinite end, it is important to take this time to focus on yourself and look for the positives. Here’s a list of some simple ways to look after yourself and practice self care in our changing COVID-19 world. 

1 . It’s pretty well known that exercise is a natural mood booster, when we exercise endorphins like dopamine are released that improve our moods. Rather than starting high intensity exercise right from the get go, going for a walk outdoors can be just as effective. Outdoor activities that allow for social distancing are also one of the safest ways to get social inte

take this time to focus on yourself”

— Payton Irvine

raction and spend time with a friend or family member. 


2 . Oftentimes putting your energy into a hobby or passion can distract you from the negativity in the world, having something to look forward to or a way to wind down every day is key. This lock down and pandemic has, on the positive side, provided an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and focus on what makes us happy as individuals. 


3 . Now it is easier said than done but during these challenging times it is important to remember that you are not alone and everyone is struggling to adapt in some way shape or form even if it seems as if everyone has their life together. Looking at the positives, even the slightest thing can make the tone of your day even a little more positive. 


4 . While clearly social events and gatherings are out of the question, there are still numerous ways to stay connected with loved ones. Like I mentioned prior, depending where you live a walk can be a safe in person way of connecting with another person. If this doesn’t entice you or isn’t allowed where you live, there are what seems like an infinite number of social platforms and new ways to stay connected online. For face to face conversation, there is Facetime, Zoom and Skype; for online chats there are too many platforms to count, for example Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and many more options. It is insanely important to maintain this bond and contact especially in these hard times since it provides you with a solid support system.


5 . To avoid the boring routine of post pandemic life, it is imperative to try new things daily and find little differences between your days. Since most people stay home now majority of the time, the days can start to blend together and all appear the same. If you incorporate new activities or even something as simple as trying a new recipe, this can differentiate your routine and keep life much more exciting. 


6 . Finally, it’s important to listen to yourself and your body. If you’re tired, go to bed early and if you feel unwell take some time to yourself. You have to focus on your own needs in order to feel good about yourself and stay healthy.