Flagship Culinary School Proposed For BC’s Most Popular Winery

Flagship Culinary School Proposed For BCs Most Popular Winery

Photo credit: City Of Kelowna

One of Kelowna’s iconic wineries and restaurants recently submitted a proposal to city council applying for the right to construct a “Culinary College for Humanity”. The Summerhill pyramids have been gracing the Upper Mission skyline since 1986 and the owners and executive chefs have been producing innovative wines and dishes ever since.


This proposed college would continue to stress the importance of sustainability and innovation in the agricultural space. Students would be trained to be skilled proprietors of localized food systems by educated themselves in a diverse spread of disciplines such as “nose-to-tail preparation of animals, urban farming, food preservation, vegetable forward meal preparation eliminating food waste and regenerative and organic agricultural systems”


Students would learn in a building placed on top of Summerhills préexisting wine cellar. Four storeys tall, this building would include a teaching kitchen, a mini conference center and “educational stays”. The design of the project was overseen by the Sparkling Hill team and is intended to demonstrate the merit of urban agriculture though integrated food production the increase the farmable land of Summerhill and work towards a zero-waste facility.


Traditional First Nations agricultural techniques and land knowledge will be present in the program as well. The proposal includes plans for a lecture atrium “where leaders from all of the [can]world come together” to share their knowledge all year round.


This proposal will be heard by and will need to be approved by the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) and the Kelowna City Council as it is an application for a building on agricultural land.