Inter Build a Lead With Important Derby Win


In a Serie A season that has seen AC Milan steal the show and top the charts for so long, it’s Inter who have stolen the spotlight from their city rivals with a crucial win in the Derby Della Madonnina. 


The Derby, which was played just a week after Inter overtook Milan by one point for the top spot, could not have come at a better time for Inter. The Nerazzurri are in form and got a fresh bit of confidence for finally stealing the top spot from Milan.


The tension and anticipation for the game were incredible. Outside the stadium on Saturday afternoon, immense crowds of fans waved flags and cheered as the team busses arrived at San Siro. On the closest building to the stadium, a mural immortalizing Lukaku and Ibrahimovic go head to head in the last Derby. The two leading men of their respective teams symbolize the fierce rivalry, the passion, and more than all the city of Milan being back on the map. 


It was Inter who struck first with Lautaro Martinez in the fifth minute. Lukaku got away well and in behind the line of defence, then he swung a picture perfect cross for his partner to header past Donnarumma. Milan eventually got the engine going and had some impressive chances at the end of the first half. Nonetheless, all their shots met Handanvic’s safe hands, which kept his net unviolated. 


In the second half it was Milan who came out on the front foot. Ibrahimovic had two huge chances from close range right off the bat but Handanovic was able to make some incredible saves, and potentially save the result for Inter. However, as Milan stepped their team forward in search of an equalizing goal, Inter struck them with a perfectly orchestrated team play on the counter attack, finished off by Martinez once more. 


Now having a much more comfortable lead, Inter gained confidence and played the ball much better. Milan was still in hope of a goal, but once again they were caught on the counter play. Building from the back, Perisic swung a ball over the top in search of Lukaku’s feet. Having lost his marker, the Belgian was able to turn and take on the back line. He has support through Barella on his right side but decided to go all the way himself. With a burst of speed he breezed past Romagnoli and curled the ball on the near post past Donnarumma to seal the win for his team. 


This was an important win for Inter which put them four points clear of everyone else, but more importantly, it was a message for other teams challenging for the title, as it is not always you see the second place team being swept 3 goals to 0. 


Juventus, who played on Monday night, got a positive result against Crotone, which puts them in third place ahead of Roma, who dropped points in a tie against Benevento. With a game in hand against Napoli and only four points behind Milan, it seems Juventus have found some of their groove back, but in the long run they will need better consistency if they are to defend their title. 


Ahead of some exciting months of soccer, including the Champions League knockout stages, we can’t wait to see how the title race in Serie A unfolds, and who is going to come out on top in May.