Strict Parents


Hypocritically strict parents make sneaky teenagers. All teenagers want is a close relationship with their parents and the opportunity to experiment and make decisions for themselves without feeling the need to hide it from their parents. Strict and hypocritical parents form sneaky teenagers who feel a disconnect from their parents, don’t socialize or develop those skills well and don’t have the independence to learn from their mistakes. 

Teenagers are in the years where socializing and experimenting and learning. Researchers have studied that parents who are strict with their kids from young ages and have poor communication with their kids cause a disconnect between them. This disconnect leads to teenagers being afraid to ask their parents uncomfortable questions or feel judged if they have different opinions then their parents. Between the ages of 15-16 you see the most signs of disconnect from your kids. This would make sense because their entering high school where new experiences and people. If you parent your kids with the attitude of I did this at your age but you can’t, all it makes teens think is well, now I want even more. Parents want to protect their kids and make sure they have the best but there’s always going to be the want in teenagers. 

The more sheltered you make your teens the more the sneaky they will get and the more they will try and hide from you. A lot of teens in high school suffer from social anxiety when they have stricter parents because when they get invited to parties or someone’s house, there’s always the i‘ll never be allowed thought. It stops us from even trying to socialize because when you get continually shut down you feel discouraged. As sad as it is the more someone can’t hangout the more those friends stop asking. Open , honest communication between you and your kids is extremely important, if you set boundaries and your kids know that they can talk to you if they make a mistake is so important. This can really help with their social development and self confidence. 

Letting your kids develop the skills to be independent and make decisions themselves let’s them learn their boundaries and make mistakes. I understand parents want to make their kids choose the best decisions but some teens don’t learn that way, they’ll never understand how to make good decisions. Strict hypocritical parents do create sneaky teenagers, whether you want to admit it or not.