School Rules in Canada VS Japan

School Rules in Canada VS Japan

Yurara Okuda is an international student from Japan, she came to Canada to study abroad.  On December 25th, it will be 11 months since she came to Canada. Through going to school in Canada, she discovered that a big difference between Japanese school and Kelowna Secondary School (KSS) is how many school rules there are in both schools, and also what are the details of these school rules. She compared the Japanese high school in Nagoya city to Kelowna Secondary School. 

She interviewed someone at one of the Japanese high schools in Nagoya city, and one of the teachers in KSS. She found the details of these schools’ rules are different. 

According to this experiment, in the case of KSS, most school rules are about dress code. However, in the case of Japanese high school in Nagoya city, the school rules are about appearance except for clothes, such as students cannot dye their hair, students can not wear makeup, and students can not get piercings. However in KSS, there are eight rules to the code of conduct, such as students can not wear hats, eat food in class (depending on the teacher), or sunglasses in the school, visuals which are at all offensive to members of the school, and any references to drugs, alcohol, or violence are prohibited on clothes.  She discovered that these differences happened because of school uniforms. Most Japanese high school students have to wear school uniforms, so schools don’t have to decide rules for their clothes. However in KSS, students don’t need to wear school uniforms, so schools need to decide several rules for their clothes. 

According to the student’s handbook in Japanese high school, there are some school rules that KSS doesn’t have. “Students can not do a part time job”, “students can not stay put overnight without giving notice”, and “Students can not go outside from 10 o’clock at night”. 

Through this research, she discovered school rules in KSS are about respect for other people. School rules in Japanese high schools are to protect yourself.