Protection From The People


We are in the middle of a global pandemic. People are dying and being infected everyday due to coming into contact with someone carrying a life threatening sickness. But the world is being infected with another sickness, and that is the misinformation of Covid. There are these individuals who believe that masks only make things worse. Which the only reason why, in my opinion at least, is because people are still going out and partying, sharing food items, and not following the social distance rule.

People in Kelowna are now being targeted by protesters who are against the now mandatory mask rule in every store, mall, and building. Some of these protesters are even getting violent. On November 21st of this year, anti mask protesters stormed the Orchard Park Mall as a way to prove that masks don’t help and refused to leave when asked to. The RCMP were called to the scene when a call came in saying a protester had allegedly threatened a mall staff member after being asked to put on a mask. After police had a chat with the protesters, they agreed to move off site and protest somewhere else. 

Which turned out to be on the highway 97 on spall road. I have to personally walk that way everyday to get to my house, and on November 25th I had a run in with these lovely folks. It felt weird being the only one on all four sidewalk platforms wearing a mask.  They were holding up signs saying stuff like “ dirty masks’ ‘, “ ditch the masks’ ‘, and my personal favourite “ honk if you agree that masks shouldn’t be mandatory”. The sad thing is, is that people were actually honking. It felt like I was having my own mini protest by just standing beside these people. 

Another story that happened not too long ago is that a woman with her baby was working at the “ Bean Scene” and was  threatened by three men who were not wearing masks. They were told to put on a mask and were even  afford a mask in the case that they maybe forgot. In return they were yelled at about how “ their rights were being violated”.

Hopefully  they realize what they are doing, which is putting others in danger, is not the way to go and should just follow the regulations the government has told us to do. But at this point that almost feels like too much to ask for.