The Found Family Member


In April of 2006, 23 and me was founded. This is not like your average DNA test results. In your report you will learn what you and your family have the percentage of looking like, what food you will like or not like, and pre existing medical conditions like Alzheimers. Alongside this, family members will be notified when a relative joins the site.  Now this might not seem like a big deal, but people are notified learning about cousins or siblings that no one was previously aware of, or reuniting with an adopted family member. 

On Friday, December 4th, after two months of anxiously waiting, Greg Parnell finally got his results. This was a big deal because Greg was adopted as a baby and has only met his biological mother, half brother, and her side of the family. Finally he learned about his biological father’s side, where he learned he has two half sisters and quite a lot of other family members. Little did he know they had been waiting to see if he would ever join to finally meet him. Within hours he was emailing with a cousin and learning all about the family, like how his father was one of six brothers and has an older sister. Pictures were traded of the father and his cousins while he sent in pictures of his two daughters. Little did they realize there were a lot of similarities between all of them, like his youngest having the same impish look as his biological father, whereas no one knew where she got it from before. After 51 years Greg finally had a phone call with his biological father and got to hear about him and how proud he was of Greg. Greg’s daughter Kaili  wanted to write his biological father a letter and after learning his address they learned he had been living on the same street as Greg’s biological mom. Now Greg is learning all about his family and hopes to meet in person after COVID-19 is less of a risk. All of this happened from spitting in a cup and sending it off to 23 and Me.