World Politics: Syria Crisis Solved?

On August 21 a massive gas attack was launched into a high civilian area in Demascus and killed nearly 300 people. Although this was not the beginning of the ongoing dispute in Syria it did spark more turmoil within the country.

What angered a majority of people was that the bomb went off in an area filled with mainly women and children and much of the victims in this attack were children. People also didn’t like the fact that the military launched this attack on its own people; the military then blamed the attack on the rebels and that pro-Assad forces had nothing to do with it. Obama claims that they should punish the Syrians for bombing their own people by fighting back and parading them with Missiles.

Much of America is against this idea knowing that it could lead to war, a situation most want to avoid.  Should the U. S. decide to launch an attack, they run the risk of losing allies like Canada, the United Kingdom, and France, and Syria gains the support of Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. With Obama losing support all around he has asked congress to try to get approval of military action in Syria.  Instead, Russia has come forward with a proposal to help Syria ‘responsibly’ get rid of any chemical weapons found within its borders.  Curently, the U.S. and Russia are in talks, with the United Nations observing from the sidelines.

Some people in America have called this a “sad defeat”, but why is it a defeat if we turn a country’s control of  chemical weapons over to an international body, and so avoiding further armed conflict? How badly did Obama want to launch an air strike and “punish” Syria to make America think this was a defeat?  We should be thrilled that another war might be thwarted and an end to the crisis made possible.

Over the course of this whole uprising  over 100,000 people have died, some innocent mothers and children just caught in the crossfire, others protestors standing up for their beliefs, and some military soldiers who tried to keep the peace in this never-ending battle for democracy. Here we have a choice of end-scenarios, and I just hope that the influences of Russia, the U.S. and the United Nations can amalgamate to see peace break out in Syria.