First Day at The Office For Sergio Perez


As the 2020 season came to an end in December, it was finally announced that Sergio Perez would be racing for Red Bull next season, alongside young talent Max Verstappen. The 2020 was a pretty hectic one for the mexican, who initially lost his seat at Racing Point (Aston Martin for 2021) when they announced the signing of Sebastian Vetter for Ferrari. 


Ever since that announcement Perez has had a great run of race finishes in the points, along with a podium in Turkey and a win at the Sakhir GP. Finishing an impressive fourth in the driver standings, behind only the two Mercedes and future teammate Verstappen, it was clear to everyone that ‘Checo’ Perez was not set to leave the F1 grid just yet. 


After leaving everyone hanging for a couple of weeks, Helmut Marko, Christian Horner, and the rest of the Red Bull crew decided to appoint Sergio Perez as the driver to pair with Max. Alex Albon would remain with the team but only as a test driver, as his performance this year was not convincing enough for Marko to keep him on board. 


As the winter break ended and drivers got back to their team’s factories to work ahead of the 2021 season set to begin in Australia in March, Perez became involved with the Red Bull crew and his new car for the first time. 


He got a tour of the building and became familiar with the staff, particularly the set of engineers that would be developing the car with him. I’ve already spent a good amount of time with my new engineers,” he said. “That’s key to try and speed up the process. I’ve done a couple of days in the sim already and I have a good idea what the Red Bull car is like already in the back of my head”.


Checo seems eager to get out on the track in the Red Bull car. The competitiveness that the car offers plus Perez’s driving skills will make an exciting pair to watch in the upcoming season. 


In his interview the mexican praised his new team, saying “when you come here you realise right away why they have been so successful”. Compared to his previous team, Racing Point, Perez said “the [Red Bull] organisation is tremendously high, and there are a lot of people, and the resources are huge”. 


It really sounds like the 2021 season is gonna be a great one, where someone will hopefully be able to challenge Mercedes for the constructor championship and Lewis Hamilton for the driver championship. 


In a car like the Red Bull, which has proven to be capable of beating the Mercedes car (Abu Dhabi 2020), Sergio Perez is set to have his best season in Formula 1 since he joined the grid in 2011. For fans around the world, this means more entertainment and incredible races where the fight for the top spots will be as fierce as ever, and while we feel sad to see Alex Albon no longer on the grid, we surely can’t wait for the kind of performances Perez will pull out of his new car.