KSS Night Owl Theatre Presents: Winter Break


We may be back in school, but winter break isn’t quite over yet.  

The Night Owl Theatre’s first ever virtual production, Winter Break will be streamed live at the end of January. This play follows 19 teenagers from different walks of life working through their struggles to come together and appreciate the first snowfall. These 7 heartwarming stories about love, life and loss will leave you with a renewed sense of hope in the world. Every member of the company gets a chance to shine in this unique, short story-esque format. 

Rowyn Grenier is a senior company member playing the role of Jules, a teenager struggling to cope with a tragic loss. Grenier believes “anyone who’s ever felt loss of any kind can relate to [Jules’ story]”.  She continues, “my favorite part of this piece of theatre is that it’s current and relatable, it’s teens doing a show from the perspective of teens. It’s in 2019 and it’s the most beautiful story of everyday highschoolers.” 

Winter Break will be director Doryan Elliot’s 5th production with the Night Owl theatre, but this production challenged her like never before.

“We had to learn how to film,” She says. “Like a live sporting event. Because this is theatre and we don’t want it to be-” She continues on:

 “I love cinema and would love to do film-but that’s more of a director and editor’s medium. Where they capture what they want and curate it for the audience. Here it’s more about the backstage production and actors medium more than the editor”

She laments on the loss of camaraderie associated with an online format

“A part of our school spirit and identity is performing in our building, for live audiences. You get to come in and be in the school and it’s this connection.”

“That sense of sharing with the rest of our community, there’s a ball there now where we don’t get to celebrate together in the same space, they’ll watch it after we’ve finished you know?”

“The good stuff that’s come out of it is this team has worked really hard, I’ve had to give a lot more to the students and everyone’s stepped up. Grade 10’s are in there building sets and they’ve never even had a drill”

This dedication is not unique to the younger half of the Night Owls. The departure of senior department heads at the end of our last production have opened up leadership positions for people like Holly Layman, the new stage manager. 

“This is technically my second show as I stage managed Radium Girls before Covid put an end to that.” She says,  “The most difficult part for me is figuring out the information I’m missing and adapting to it, things I didn’t have the chance to learn last year and brand new elements like filming due to Covid.”

When asked to describe her ever-fluctuating role she said

“Overall I am responsible for the organization of the show and communication. Making sure everything that needs to be done gets done and that everyone who needs to know information knows it or has access to it. I’ve also done a little bit of almost every job as I am always around and happy to help.” 

Copious amounts of hard work and dedication from the cast, crew and directorial team have created a show that will restore your faith in people, during a time when life can feel hopeless and solitary.

To purchase tickets, either purchase tickets from the theatre ticket booth at lunch Jan 18th-29th or click here to purchase online. The show will run January 27th through January 30th commencing at 7:00 pm every evening. Tickets cost $10 per device.