BTS Speak Out About the Effects of COVID-19 in New Album


The International South Korean Pop Sensation BTS (Bangtan Boys) recently released an eight-track mini album titled ‘BE’ on the 20th of November. This album was written as a message of hope in light of the Novel-Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 and all the restrictions, losses, and suffering that has been caused by it.

The group is known to deliver songs that make an impact, whether it be about grief, depression, addiction, temptation, the beauty of youth, etc. This album is primarily focused on the feelings the septet felt as they were forced into lockdown and prohibited from beginning their Map Of The Soul Tour, which was supposed to start April 2020.

This prompted the members to make an album. It was self-developed by the group, with most songs produced by the three rappers: Kim Nam-joon (RM), Min Yoon-gi (Suga), and Jung Ho-seok (J-Hope). The three of them are the main producers in the group, however, all members have produced their own tracks, and participated in the production process, making it the most ‘BTS-esque’ album to date.

Unlike western-style albums, every BTS album includes a photobook, photocard(s), posters, and other miscellaneous goods in each version. There were three different versions of the album, all of which were organized and directed by BTS themselves.

The entire album itself was directed by the group, with assistance of other professionals in the industry, such as their director Lumpens, and producers, such as Hiss Noise. Regardless, the entire music video for ‘Life Goes On’ was directed by Jeon Jung-kook, the main vocalist, who was eager to direct it. The other members also had various roles in the production, such as project manager and visual director.

The eight tracks on the album are listed in the following order: Life Goes On, Fly To My Room, Blue & Grey, Skit, Telepathy, Dis-ease, Stay, and Dynamite. The latter was an all-English track, which was nominated in the Recording Academy’s 2020 Grammy Awards, and broke the record for the most views on Youtube within 24 hours (105M).

Life Goes On, the title track, is a song meant to provide ‘healing and consolation’ to their fans, known as ARMY, said RM, the leader and spokesperson of the group.

BTS has made an impact in the world and created history, as this new addition to their discography is bound to go down in the record books. Their next musical works are eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

Listen To The New Album Here