Schumacher name returns to Formula 1 in 2021




After long debates and rumours about Mick Schumacher, son of the legendary Micheal Schumacher, getting a seat for the 2021 Formula 1 season, the speculations became true. 

On the morning of December second in fact, Haas F1 Team announced the signing of the young prospect to pair up with the Russian Nikita Mazepin, who will also make his debut in Formula 1 in 2021. 


The rumours on Mick getting a drive for the next season have been around all season long, but it was after Haas announced that neither of their current drivers would stay for 2021 that the rumours became more concrete. 


Schumacher has shown why he is deserving of a seat during the Formula 2 season. With only one race to go, he stands at the top of a long list of talented drivers, with a six point difference to second place Callum Illot. 


The return of a Schumacher in Formula 1 is great news for any fan of the sport. Not only does Mick carry out the legacy his father started, but he also connects old and new generations of fans who will support him through his career. 


Mick has said in an interview after the announcement this morning that he wants to “learn as much as [he] can as quickly as possible, to be 100% ready for the first race”. Along with this, he mentioned that his goals for the upcoming season are “to display [his] best performance” and “work with the team as closely as [he] can”. 


Haas has perhaps taken a gamble by signing two rookies in the same year, but change has been in the air for a long time. Haas has been struggling to meet the goals they had set due to lack of improvement and a hostile environment within the team. 


Nonetheless, losing two drivers like Grosjean and Magnussen will be sad for fans among the world. On the other hand however, two bright talents will be replacing the veterans and will look to bring their best racing from the very first race in Melbourne next year.