Trump Takes Over For Putin Following Election Results


Following former US president Donald Trump’s embarrassing defeat in the 2020 election, he has taken to Twitter to set the record straight about his plans for the future:

“I love Russia, plenty of great people in Russia. President Putin created the STRONGEST economy in the East. I’ll be fighting sleepy Joe and the LAMESTREAM  media to get these illegal votes thrown out with Putin at my side. They don’t stand for socialist propaganda over there THE RED WAVE IS COMING. #MAGA” Joe Biden responded almost immediately via his personal twitter: 

“So here’s the deal. Our great nation needs a leader to unite us against this pandemic. Folks you knew what kind of a man this guy was, I mean c’mon we all knew that there was collusion with Russia. I have faith in our supreme court to make this decision.” The court now has a choice to make, do they swear Vice-President Mike Pence in as Acting President, or do they allow Joe Biden to be sworn in early, given the circumstances. Recently confirmed Justice Amy-Coney Barret says:

“Well we have to follow the law as it was written, so if it says duel it out um, that’s what the founding fathers would have wanted for our country.” The court is set to meet Monday, October 16th to decide on the issue.