Your Grad President Candidates!


A yearly tradition of many high schools, including our beloved KSS, is to have an election for grad president(s). This coming election for grade 12 students only will take place at voting booths on October 14th and 15th. Here is a quick summary of every candidate and their goals to help educate you on your options for your KSS 2021 grad president! 


Sam Morrow and Bella Seethaller (@bellasam2021)

Sam and Bella are both AP students who are gearing their campaign towards fulfilling as many of our grad expectations as possible while following COVID safety guidelines, these expectations include events such as Winter Formal, dry grad and of course prom. Bella has been a part of the Earth club in the past and Sam is the captain of the debate team. Therefore their other main focus is to make a committee that ensures that every club, elective and team at KSS gets the spotlight they deserve! As future grad presidents, Bella and Sam will “Make this the year you were promised”! 


Rowyn Grenier and Tristian Voros (@rowyn.tristan)

Rowyn and Tristian are a part of the drama department at KSS. If elected, they would improve upon university information nights, help students get bursaries and scholarships and showcase all the clubs KSS has to offer. Making sure senior year is great for everyone is another important thing to them. They promise to represent all groups at KSS, through their slogan, “everyone deserves to be seen, everyone deserves to be heard, nonone left behind.”


Dylan Widmark (@dylanwidmark2021)

Dylan has been a leader in our athletics programs since she came to KSS two years ago. She has been a part of our sports teams and now helps out as a TA for the PE department. Dylan’s main campaign goal is to foster inclusivity at KSS. If elected, she will strive to make sure everyone at KSS has equal opportunities to participate in school events. She promises to work hard to give us the grad year we always dreamed about.  Dylan is trying to “Change the world by being (her)yourself!”


Brynn Durec and Camille Jolicoeur (@brynnandcamille2021)

Camille and Brynn are both link leaders and Brynn is also part of the aboriginal education program here at KSS. If elected they plan to implement drug awareness days along with mental health awareness days to inform students and open the discussion on serious and triggering topics. Their main focus is to make school wide and also grad events fun, inclusive and also COVID friendly. They are also open to suggestions so that they can incorporate everyone’s needs which ties into their campaign motto “ We all Fly Together”. 


Maya Rose and Toni Willoughby (@maya.toni2021) 

Toni is the leader of the Move4MANA initiative at KSS, she is a strong academic student and always participates in school events. Maya is also a part of the Move4MANA initiative and the leader of the activities team. Maya plays for our AAA soccer team and is a valuable team member. Toni and Maya’s main goals as your future grad president are to draw more attention to mental health at our school, and build off of what previous grad councils have done to bring our grad class closer together. This duo promises to listen to your suggestions and concerns to surpass your expectations for this year! Together, they believe we can have a significant impact on our school and have an amazing grad year! “If it’s Important to you it’s Important to Them!” 


Our grad president has a more important role than ever this year. They’ll need to reinvent how we connect with each other, in the midst of a global pandemic. So take control of your grad year, get out and vote! 

Speeches October 13th

Voting days October 14th and 15th