Sabbath Delivers on 13, but Ozzy Short on Vocals

Sabbath Delivers on 13, but Ozzy Short on Vocals

Like most people in the metal community, I assumed the classics were completely dead. With the commercial direction rock and metal is going, and the shocking death of Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, Dio etc.) in 2010, all hope seemed lost.

Other classic bands, however, are still going strong.  On June 10th, 2013, Black Sabbath released their nineteenth studio album titled 13. Surprisingly enough, this album is fairly good. After all the changes Black Sabbath has undergone in the past forty years, this album is classic Sabbath. My first impression when playing this CD was: Paranoid mixed with the album Black Sabbath. In terms of guitar playing, the riffing is awesome, and Tony lays it down just like the old days.

The single titled “God is dead?”  is the most popular on iTunes, and for good reason. This song stands out the most, and is getting significant air play. The only problem about this album is Ozzy’s vocals. Ozzy doesn’t really seem to be trying very hard, which is strange for him. In basically every song, it sounds like he would rather be anywhere else but there, something which siphons energy from the album.

Overall, 13 is a good album, and if you are a fan of the old Black Sabbath sound, it is a great album. The guitars careen, the drums powerhouse, and the bass tone crisps things up. The only problem is Ozzy’s voice, but that is something that most people can probably get past. I would rate this album 4/5 stars, and I highly recommend it to any Sabbath fan, because it is guaranteed to bring him or her back to the beginning.

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