Do you learn more traveling or in school?                  


Jessica Hardy , Writer

Do you think that you can learn more on a trip then years in school? Well yes, because on my trip to England and Germany in grade 8, I learnt more things in that month then I would have for 4 more years in school. In England, I learn facts about little towns and how the people there live. I learned about Thomas Hardy’s cottage which I can bet you that most people don’t know what that is or where it is located. Especially if you asked a student. Thomas was a famous novelist and poet and Hardy’s cottage was his childhood home. One of his books was “Under the Greenwood Tree”. The cottage is located in Dorchester England.

On this trip I learned about England’s history; when we went to London we learned about the Parliament Buildings and how their government works. We went to many old churches and walked around them looking at all the intricate work that went into building them.  We travelled all over London taking in everything, and just seeing it in person you learn so much more than in school. You see places that you didn’t even know existed. 

My sister my cousin and my mum all saw the queens guards switching and all of the soldiers putting on a show for us. We saw many different animals that you don’t just see around in Kelowna, like sheep…O so many many sheep. We saw Big Ben but it was under construction and I did not know that until I saw it.

This is just a little bit of my experience from two years ago, which I will never forget. This experience  taught me things I wouldn’t have learned sitting in a standard classroom. The rich history of the country in a hands-on environment was easier to learn than reading it out of a book. 

Most people in the Americas have never heard of Hannover and I would not know what it is either had I not visited it. Hanover is a big town in germany and is known for its Christmas markets in the winter. In Hannover since it was Christmas there was an amazing Christmas market with cool stuff local people made. They had little nick nacks that people have made traditionally for years and sold. They have really nice drinks there called eierpunsch (pronounced like kinderpunsch) it reminds me of hot apple cider and you can get it everywhere.

Going out and experiencing the world can teach a person a lot more than sitting in a classroom. I lucked out when I went away and wasn’t assigned any homework to do. This made it easier to focus on what was in front of my eyes and take in my surroundings.